Tips For Getting Through Winter lockdown

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

The winter lockdown brings new challenges including the obvious shorter and darker days which can impact our mood. This is why we’ve gathered some research and advice on the little changes you can make to improve your experience.


A routine is so vital even if it’s not a busy one even just making sure you eat your meals if you’re having a tough day or to go for a walk. Setting yourselves tasks for the day can help you feel purposeful and motivated rather than the sense of being at a loss of what to do.

S.A.D Lamp

A new type of relief we are trying is a SAD lamp which is a form of light therapy aimed at people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. This is often known as “winter depression” which is linked to low mood from a lack of serotonin from sunlight, a shift in melatonin, and a disrupted body clock (circadian rhythm).

This is where the lamp comes in... To simulate exposure to sunlight when it’s not possible to get the real thing. The bright light in darker rooms can make you feel more energised, with many reviews that it helps them wake up in the morning.

However, of course from the light, you can’t absorb the natural benefits from the sun so we recommend taking Vitamin D supplements. We also recommend that you take the supplement in the morning so that you can benefit throughout the day. This is so important particularly in colder areas, for example, in the UK alone 1 in 5 are deficient. Elevating your Vitamin D levels not only boosts your mood but also has health benefits including immune support over the flu and cold season.

Stay In Contact Darling!

Since we are in lockdown and this is particularly important for people who are working from home, we must try to stay in contact with friends and/or family. This can be a 5-minute video chat but from experience, this daily habit can bring a sense of consistency and a connection with others. It also means you can talk through any positive or negative experiences with another person which can be a weight off your shoulders!

Shake Yo Booty

Some advice we have for you near the end is probably the one you want to hear the least and it’s exercise! ...Yay! But don’t fear you don’t have to strain yourself and if you’ve read our previous blog posts, you’ll know we recommend something simple, like a walk or even a cheeky little salsa with the gals. "Any type of exercise is useful, as long as it suits you and you do enough of it," says Dr Alan Cohen, a GP with a special interest in mental health. There have been endless studies into the positive impact of your physical wellbeing on the mind.

Spice up your life!

Our final tip is to try something new which you enjoy. This can be anything from cooking, painting to a DIY project. Not only does this give you a confidence boost but gives you something productive to do with your time.

OR... You can take the challenge and do something that pushes you outside of your comfort zone. It's easy to get complacent with the life we live, after all, it's comfortable, especially now during a lockdown. But we have to remember nobody ever grows from doing the same thing repeatedly. This blog, for example, was created by us during the pandemic without prior experience and in the middle of a recession. As recent graduates who left university hoping to get our dream jobs and facing the reality that the job market is desaturated. We knew we needed to do something! Hence, the birth of the Bad Beach Blog. We combined our passions into creating this blog to not only stimulate our creative ideas into providing a platform to reach people like you and me. Here we are a few months later, where we have unexpectedly learned about the importance of using our personalities within our brand and the online media industry. This is why we pass on our experiences to you so that you can grow too.

If you are struggling with your mental health feel free to try listening to a guided meditation as a mindfulness practice, this can help with falling asleep. You can find these on YouTube or Spotify which sounds tedious but you have to trust the process.

Love, BBB x

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