The 5 "Spookiest" Dog Halloween Costumes

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Since dogs are members of the family it's only appropriate that they dress up for Halloween too and that's why I have accumulated the Top 5 outfits. They're mostly cute rather than spooky but hey, who can blame 'em.

First place, we have this pair of ghostly good boys:

I'm not sure how the photographer managed to keep them still or whether the dog on the right can see but I'm impressed and we aspire for our doorways to be decorated like this. If you need a cheap and quick outfit then this has to be the one.

2. The Skelly Dog.

Now, this would definitely be a surprise to jump up at you in the dark and you need a patient pup to apply the chalk but we think it's worth it. Also, we had to include this photo because this dog is a talented model poser.

(Of course, this has to be using dog safe white chalk/paint).

Chantal Levesque /

3. Doggy has turned into Dobby!

This is such a creative and simple outfit if

your dog happens to have these amazing elf-shaped ears.

4. I adore this outfit: the Corgy loaf. Look at his little butt!

And last but unquestionably not least we have... The Samoyed Sheep.

The knee highs are sassy, the dog is fluffy and the eyes are cute,

what more can we ask for?

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