Looking After Your Mental Health Post Lockdown

Lots of people are working from home, a bit of both or just plain old unemployed (cry). So what does this mean?? Well, we require more self-care. Now you might think that working from home is the dream and sure, it's great! You're your own boss where you get to pick your hours, eat snacks at all hours of the day BUT you also have to motivate yourself.

If you're anything like us and chatting to people usually gets you through the day or you might miss the introverted life then you know the challenge. Even if you're back in the office this is a massive change for many of us, with a steady return to routine and following pretty confusing government guidelines. This can end up with a lot of mixed feelings and needing more rest, which is okay!

Now... Let's get to the good bits. This might seem obvious but we need people. Especially now that social media is so prominent in our lives, it's fundamental to value the everyday connections you'd usually subconsciously make.

This might be your family, friends or even a chat with the neighbours to give you that extra boost of support.

Somebody important to many people since lockdown is our lovely furry friends ❤️Whether you have a dog or not I cannot recommend going for walks enough. The exercise and simply being outdoors can have such a positive impact on your mood and state of mind. You could incorporate going outside with running simple errands e.g. going to the post office or buying lunch.

The reason these suggestions are successful is that it provides us with a necessary distraction from negativity, sitting in our thoughts or just plain old boredom! This also gives us a break from social media which you can endlessly scroll through which we will come back to in another post of how you could improve your feed, for your own sanity.

Finally, to be upfront and honest that even if you don't feel very positive right now, it can be comforting to recognise other people are in the same boat as you. It may feel like an eternity but this is only a temporary situation and to try your best to retain a strong mindset as things will get better.

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