How To Be A Bad Beach

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Welcome bad beaches to our new blog! The goal is to resonate with readers (you) using some humour, wit and always a dash of sass. In our articles we would like to explore some of the obstacles and wins we have come across particularly as young women; to guide other women with what we wish we knew earlier and for men to understand what women want a little better.

As cliché as it sounds, it can be particularly hard to "find yourself" and feel that sense of independence when the Office for National Statistics claims unemployment is at 76.4% as well as potentially living at home with... parents. But the world has transformed (thank god) into a place where women can individually strive for happiness, speak up when needed and encompass a down-to-earth outlook on life.

At bad beach blog, a strong young woman is somebody who accepts who they are - whoever that may be - without aspiring to fit in. Rather than analysing ourselves against models on Instagram, we can begin to follow funny accounts or things that motivate us and we can come together to empower women.

Now we can boldly tell one another "stand up for yourself!" and be a bad beach. Perhaps if we don't compete with others we don't have to compete with ourselves either. Self-care has shifted into a familiar phrase and reinforces the notion of putting yourself first rather than feeling guilty and unproductive.

My advice in a nutshell:
Self-confidence - the hardest part for some *
Appreciate your friends
Practice positivity
BUT do not take shit from anyone

* We will delve into this in a future post!

What can you do?

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