Does Size Really Matter?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

(In regards to boobs...)

Recently here at Bad Beach, we’ve been discussing boobs and what they mean to how people perceive us.

Growing up we all watched Legally Blonde and all those girly movies, we see a woman with the ‘perfect body’, which means big boobs, small waist and of course a nice bum. So do big boobs mean people treat you more nicely?

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And if curvy is considered an ideal body type, why is it so hard to find models and clothing that represent it?

In our team we are the pinnacle of different body shapes, one of us (me) was not blessed with big boobs and the other can never find clothes to fit hers! From personal experience, I can tell you that any time I’ve worn a bombshell bra from Victoria Secret I’ve had people treat me differently. Could this really be the case? Are big boobs really the key to getting what you want in a world run by men? My boyfriend says it's in my head... but then again he's not a woman, sorry not sorry!

According to a study, breast size can influence the perception of women. The study suggests breast size impacts how attractive someone finds you and other characteristics that play a role in the social evolution of "mating".

In a supporting study, women and men perceived boobs in similar ways: bigger breasted women were thought to have higher reproductive efficiency, lactational efficiency, sexual desire and promiscuity of a woman. Of course, this is so not true!

So why are these the findings? We think things like social media and porn have influenced us to think big boobs = sex appeal.

But don’t fear itty bitty titty committee, there is hope!

A contrasting study found that boob attractiveness really depends on the type of male that they are. In a separate study, ladies with smaller boobs were viewed as more moral, modest, competent and ambitious (1)…. Again, this cannot be universally applicable, we all choose to be different and wonderful in our own way. Women are taking one step at a time to move away from the male gaze and into a world where we stand for being much more than how we look.

The important thing to recognise is that any man who doesn’t want you because you're on the itty bitty titty committee is superficial and you don’t need them anyway sisters! I get it, you can't help you’re a boob man…. But I also can't help the fact that my boobs haven't grown since the age of 16, so don’t hate, just appreciate.

Reasons why you should love your tiny tits:

  1. We’re worth more than our bodies! This is the most important sentence I have written today… small boobs or big boobs, what's in our minds and hearts trumps all.

  2. We can wear cute tops and bikinis with no qualms.

  3. We can run without having them popping out a sports bra and we don’t have the back pain that comes with big knockers (I feel for you too big boob ladies).

Reasons why you should love your big breasts:

  1. We might not be able to wear the cute, tiny tops and straight dresses but we can certainly fill out those tight or bodycon dresses (refer to number 2).

  2. Cleavage, cleavage, cleavage! There is no push-up bra needed and you can look badass.

  3. They make the best cushions.

In conclusion, ladies love yourself no matter the size of your beautiful boobs!

Peace out, BBB ✌️

(1) - Zelazniewicz AM, Pawlowski B. Female breast size attractiveness for men as a function of sociosexual orientation (restricted vs. unrestricted). Arch Sex Behav. 2011;40(6):1129-1135. doi:10.1007/s10508-011-9850-1

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