Best Welly Brands

We have reached the rainy season and with many of us are in Lockdown 3, we have been looking into the best wellies for Winter walks ☔️ We consider style, comfort and varying budgets to best suit what you’re looking for.

1. Joules £30+

Technically these are wellibobs and we tend to go for mid height so we don’t get muddy trousers but these are so fun! Joules is at the top because we are in LOVE with their patterns. Joules is a high quality brand, affordable and comes with a 1 year guarantee.

2. Hunter £100+

Lots of colours available and Hunter is highly praised for the quality of their shoe but if you’re like us, then it’s a little out of our price range! They are cushioned on the bottom for comfort of walking but are a little stiff so you may want to avoid long distances.

3. Barbour £50+

Mostly available in blacks, greens and blues, we have Barbour! This boot is more heavy duty than Joules, for example, if you’re working outdoors all day then these would probably be a better choice in the long-term.

4. Brakeburn £45+

A mixture of patterns and sophisticated colours these boots feature a helpful hook to pull them off as we’ve all gotten stuck in wellies (right?)... The buckled side vent and boot are all made from rubber to help you stay waterproof and warm.

5. Classic Checkered

Perhaps a more basic brand but we want to cover the pricing spectrum plus they have some inviting illustrations. These are a good option for general use throughout Winter walks rather than hardcore use.

Mud Love, BBB x

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